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                DHA Oil Softgel

                Product Details
                   Docosahexaenoic acid(DHA) is an omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid,a primary structural component of the human brain and retina.It’a major element to grow and maintain the nervous system cells. DHA comprises 20% of the polyunsaturated fatty acids in the cerebral cortex and 50% in retina. Therefore, DHA plays a very important role to the infants’ intelligence and visual development.

                  Function of DHA:
                  1) Promote the brain development of fetus and infant
                  2) Promote the mature of the retinal photoreceptor cells
                  3) Promote the physical development and immunity
                  Supplement of DHA:
                  1) Fetus-By expectant mother
                  2) Infant-By breast milk or formula milk powder
                  Application of DHA:
                  Infant formula foods such as milk powder, rice flour; milk products, cooking oil, drinks, health care products and medicine.
                  Qingdao Keyuan Marine Biochemistry co., LTD, by using world advanced microalgae DHA production technology, relying on the National Biological fermentation engineering technology research center and QIBEBT, CAS, makes innovations constantly , strictly checks at every process, let your child, have one step ahead.
                  Synthesizing the standard of Ministry of Public Health of China,?National Institutes of Health?and the world health organization (WHO) and the United Nations food and agriculture organization (FAO), Keyuan suggests as: expectant mothers≤300mg/day, Infants 20mg/day per 10KG of weight, adults≤220mg/day.

                DHA Oil Softgel
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